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As you may have gathered from other parts of the site, I am an M.Phil research student in the Ceramics and Glass department of the Royal College of Art in London.

I generally travel weekly from my home & family in Cumbria, usually spending Tuesday to Friday in London and the weekend at home.

March 2007

At Metropolitan Works there have been a series of talks in conjunction with the Digital Explorers II show. The talk by Fluidforms was of interest for their use of Open Source software in their microprocessor circuits. Also see It may be more accessible than the Picaxe microprocessor which I'm trying to link to a proximity sensor and LED lighting.

Bumped into David Watkins, head of G,S,M & J whilst he was havng a cigarette outside the back door of the RCA. He mentioned a Ph.D student called Moi Fusachal from 99 who had experimented with interactive light in body adornment. Also saw Martin Watmough from RapidformRCA telling me about some new 'blob' software, I must investigate!
Met up with Martin Smith, Alison Britton & Liz Aylieff to discuss new research student applications, then interviewed June Kingsbury. I find the whole process quite fascinating and it certainly puts my own application into a new light!

A lovely early spring morning got me into college by 8.00a.m.I spent a quiet hour finishing the turnng and assembly of my second ceramic test piece. Though simple in appearance, they are complex to assemble. One is slowly drying; this morning's is wrapped in plastic letting the moisture in the 3 parts slowly even out before being unwrapped in a couple of days time.The rest of the day has been spent going through all my Research Methods course notes and transferring the relevant info onto the computer. I've also got to grips with bookmarking so follow the link in the recommended sites page.

If you can recommend anything relevant to my studies please let me know.