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Week ending 01.06.07

It was a Bank Holiday so didn’t teach at Cumbria Institute of the Arts.

An extremely busy train took me back to London, and more or les immediately into an interim exam feedback session with Martin Smith. All appears well, so now I have to concentrate on putting together the Contents page of my thesis. Martin gave me a couple of recent ones to look at. We also discussed the prospects of upgrading to Ph.D. Does the project have “wheels”, as they say, which means will it make “a unique contribution to knowledge”? There is also the major question of funding, etc. etc.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:
The rest of a tiring week was spent re-making my flat cone 01 mould, as my first attempt wasn’t accurate enough. I had rushed the preparation & making in the hope that I would have had a piece ready for my interim examination. That will teach me a lesson.

This time the discs for the model were made from acrylic, cut out on a router then the edge sanded smooth. When it came to mating the two sections of the mould together, Stephan, our patient plaster workshop technician pointed out that they weren’t perfectly round and should have been turned on the lathe! However, this mould is a great improvement on the previous one, I have learnt some valuable lessons so next time things should be easier.

Meanwhile, preparations for the Great Exhibition of 2007 are well underway; the second years are putting in the hours and it’s good to see some exciting finished work being moved around. The show should be spectacular, so if anyone reads this and can get to London it will be well worth it. See the RCA website for details.
There will probably not be an entry next week as I’m going with my youngest daughter Grace to my brother’s wedding in Austria.