The Hand and the Glove... ramblings about making.

20.07.07 - thinking about the thesis

Since arriving back for the summer I have been concentrating on commercial work, producing more figures for the interior designer we have worked with for the past few years. The work is physically demanding but does allow me some thinking time. One of the things that has come up is linked to how quickly the first year has gone and how soon the end of the second year will come around. I will need to prepare for that moment so that I “hit the ground running”, I think I’ll find it difficult to return to production throwing, supplying galleries and doing the round of potters markets, but I may have to if I don’t follow up other possibilities and take advantage of the opportunities that come up.
I have also been thinking about the thesis and the need to write. One pretty obvious thing that has occurred to me is that the title of the project ‘The Hand and the Glove- Actual and Virtual Explorations of the Ceramic Container’ requires that I make comparisons between hand and digital processes. This raises the issue that, apart from my use of Rhino 3D modelling software I haven’t used any digital manufacturing as anticipated. Over the summer I must prepare models for CNC milling and rapid prototyping. They need to be the right ones, forms that explore the container, but the essential thing will be to experience the process. Another area of exploration is to analyse the practice of other makers who use digital tools, such as those involved with Autonomatic at Falmouth and some of the exhibitors at last year’s exhibition at The Guild of Devon Craftsmen’s gallery in Bovey Tracey. These can be used as case studies and depending on what I find will be used as supporting material in the construction of a ‘position’ or ‘argument’ to be explored in the thesis.