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14.12.07 - End of term juggling

Last weekend was spent finishing off the design presentation for my RSA Design Directions, Ceramic Futures competition entry, the deadline for which is today.
I decided to document the project as a blog, reflecting the fact that the project use digital technology [rapid prototyping] and unconventional ceramic materials.
After returning to College on Tuesday, I went up to RapidformRCA to check on the progress of the build. A test piece had come through but was extremely fragile; one handle had broken, but the piece looked amazing. The next stage was for Alastair, the technician who has been assisting me on this project to strengthen the weak points in the FreeForm software and then have another go at building the piece on the Z Corp RP machine.
Meanwhile, I was also busy chasing the Ideal Standard slip that I’m planning to use to cast my torus form.

On Wednesday I had a tutorial with Martin Smith, primarily to discuss the section of the thesis on Perception that I recently wrote. Comments were positive, with some suggestions about topics that I need to develop or add.
He also said that I should work out what practical work is to be produced for the examination. I mistakenly thought that I had longer to produce those. So the pressure is on.

Over the Christmas period I need to start writing the Context section of the thesis, looking at artists who are exploring similar themes. Most of the work that resonates with me is non-ceramic, which Martin thinks is a problem as the project is rooted in the ceramic medium. I’m not sure how to deal with his own work and need to look more closely at whether should be a candidate for inclusion.

The rest of the week was spent organising my trip to Paris next Wednesday, and liaising with Michel, who is coming over from Paris on Tuesday to bring the equipment that RapidformRCA have ordered and to work on my piece. I have been anxious that the Wedgwoddn’t piece might not be ready in time and couldn’t keep hassling Alastair, as he has plenty of other tasks to be getting on with in the College.

Thursday evening was the department Christmas party, which apparently lived up to its long held reputation; so much that College insisted that we have a security guard!
I thought things would be quiet when I arrived in College on Friday morning but the place was awash with water, plumbers and cleaners. The radiator in the technicians room had burst at 4.00am flooding the glass workshops, clay store, corridor and research area with steaming black water. I helped to get the place straight and 90 minutes later it didn’t look so bad. However, the real damage had been done down below in the research offices.

The rest of Friday was spent trying not to check on Alastair and start thinking about the work I need to produce.