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11.01.08 - Decision time

I came down to College on Monday this week, planning to make an effective start to the term.
Everything was in place for the casting of the torus mould and I managed to cast one each day. I shouldn’t be surprised that there is so much to learn each time a new form is attempted. With the torus I had to develop a sequence whereby I could handle the heavy mould allowing for careful filling, emptying and the removal of the cast. Correct timing is crucial, the cast has to be of the correct thickness, it has to be left in the mould until it’s firm enough to be removed without it distorting etc. etc.
By Friday I had 2 perfect casts and two slightly less than perfect. Thursday’s had imploded, probably when the slip was drained from the mould. I had applied talc to the surface of the mould that may have contributed to the problem.
I had a quick chat with my supervisor, Martin Smith, about the writing that I had done over Christmas. He agreed that there should be a stronger narrative throughout the section, so that’s something I need to attend to before long.

I spent some time thinking about the rest of the practical work that I need to produce over the next couple of months. The torus form relates well to the thesis, the cylinder pieces explore perception but they don’t relate well to each other and the cylinder strongly remind me of some of Martin’s work. The mirror black glaze links the two forms but the resemblance to Martin’s work is something I need to discuss with him.
Meanwhile, I need to carefully think and design forms that relate well as a group, and can illustrate the thesis.
So the plan for this weekend is to work on the designs and reread the writing. Plus I would quite like a bit of home life!
Rhino rendering of disc 11. I plan to incorporate 'lightwire' in the groove just below the rim.

Rhino rendering of disc 12. In this one the 'lightwire' is planned to fit in the groove where the wall meets the base.