The Hand and the Glove... ramblings about making.


This week has been spent working on a mixture of tasks.
I finished designing the glass moulds on Rhino 3D. They are intended for production on the Z Corp machine in RapidformRCA, then infiltrated and cured. They should then be able to comfortably withstand the heat of rotation blowing. I first designed a piece to test both the materials and how the glass would fit the form, but decided that it was more productive to design a piece that related directly to my project.

Last weekends unfinished writing on ‘Sensing the Container’ gave me plenty to think about during the week. I revisited the Anthony McCall exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery and saw a number of connections to my thoughts on form and formlessness. The light, projected through smoke across a darkened room takes on a material quality that is not dissimilar to water or a translucent liquid like the Darjeeling tea that I drink. Being able to enter the beam of light, and engage with it, dramatically changes the experience of the space. The boundaries of the gallery completely dissolve; there is virtually no sense of anything apart from the slowly shifting form of the projected light and the image it creates on the wall.

I managed to resurrect our research seminar group a.k.a. the Cake club for a meeting at the V&A on Thursday. We met to discuss the ‘Out of the Ordinary’ exhibition, then were treated to tea and cakes by Heike in the wonderful Morris room of the cafe. There were mixed feelings about the exhibition, it was not greeted with complete enthusiasm. The glasswork of Susan Collis for instance, was generally regarded as literal, leaving little for the imagination, whereas the intricately carved plants and flowers by Yoshihiro Suda were appreciated both for the dedication of achieving such a high level of craftsmanship and their poetic quality. For me the positive aspect of the exhibition is that it is labelled as ‘craft’. From my perspective of 20 plus years making functional pots and now having the luxury of time away from the studio to redefine my future practice, I am excited by the attempts to redefine and reposition ‘craft’.