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07.03.08 – The Complete Tureen

After a late Sunday night tidying up after Ceramic Art London, I had a very early start so that I could catch the 6.30 Eurostar to Paris.
I enjoy the journey by train, it’s certainly the best way to travel long distances.

Michel greeted me at the lab, taking me immediately to see the completed Wedgwoodn’t Tureen. My first impression was relief and excitement that the project had actually been achieved. On closer inspection, the surface finish was not quite as smooth as I expected, but Michel said that Gilles would be bringing in a second piece that he was still working on. Whilst waiting for Gilles to arrive, Michel and I discussed some of the technical aspects of the material and process in order for me to put forward strong applications for awards to fund my proposed research associate post.
About half an hour before I was due to leave Gilles turned up with a superb Tureen. It has the correct shade and sheen to match black ‘Basalt’ or ‘Jasper’ and the surface texture is much smoother. They have spent many hours working on this project and I am very grateful for their assistance and the support of Rapidform back at the RCA.
I packed the pieces very carefully and headed back to London, arriving just in time for my meeting at Wedgwood on Regent Street. I met the Design manager, Matthew Harrison, who listened to my explanation of the technology involved in producing the piece. He then brought in Frances Mossman, Wedgwood’s Global Design Manager who is really enthusiastic and would like me produce a range of similar work for the 250th anniversary next year. Though exciting, the implications will need careful thought. I have less than 2 months to complete my M.Phil and that mustn’t be put at risk.
The rest of the week passed in a blur, juggling throwing, slipcasting and making arrangements for next weeks visit to Wedgwood at Barlaston. By chance Martin Smith and Tavs had planned to meet the Design team to discuss re-establishing a connection between Wedgwood and the department and it seemed a convenient opportunity to join them. Martin Watmough from Rapidform is also coming to discuss the technical side of the project and to offer Wedgwood a service.
This week also saw interviews taking place and again I was asked to sit it on the Research student applications. There are some strong candidates this year, all of them would add something to the department and to the Research cluster.
Just before I left on Friday we got together to make the final choices. So there will be excited and relieved applicants, as well as some disappointed ones.
The coming weekend is likely to be a busy one, balancing the demands of College with a home life that needs some catching up on.