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27.03.08 - The Result

The wait to hear the result of the RSA competition is over. I receive a phone call at my brother's house in Austria to say that the letter had arrived at Ray & Jeannette's house in London. Before I came home for Easter I had asked them to open it and let me know.
It's good news, The Wedgwoodn't Tureen has won a cash award to be used to further my career. I plan to use it to continue working with the eco-ceramic materials and to start investigating whether they can be used on a biodegradable substrate. The winners are also awarded Fellowship of the RSA.
I'm pleased that all the hard work has paid off and very grateful to everyone that has assisted and encouraged me. Alastair in RapidformRCA is definitely owed a pint or two!

After returning from Austria on Sunday, I have been concentrating on writing the thesis. This stage is fairly straightforward, recording the practical work, but it sets off thoughts of what will be discussed in the evaluation section. That is likely to be a time-consuming section, as everything has to come together in a well reasoned and well supported way. Steve has lent me a book that will have an influence on that section. It's called 'Thinking Through Craft' by Glenn Adamson, his supervisor from the V&A. It was published to coincide with the V&A/Crafts Council 'Out of the Ordinary' exhibition that was shown over the winter. I've only just started reading it, so need to spend more time reading and digesting it before discussing it's contents in relation to my work.