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18.04.08 – Shuffling the thesis

This week’s focus has been the thesis. I had a tutorial with Martin on Tuesday afternoon where we started to look at the Evaluation section. I returned to my desk with a list of jobs to do in time for Thursday’s session at Martin’s studio.
When Thursday came around I cycled in to College, picked up my thesis and carried on to the far reaches of Clapham. I was greeted at the studio by Martin, with Tallis’s Spem in Allium playing. We laid out the thesis on the office working surface and made our way through each section, looking to see how the parts related to each other. The difference between organising the thesis on screen and shuffling the sheets is similar to handling actual and virtual objects.
The morning ended with the layout of the thesis quite dramatically changed. I had thought that the order was logical but we managed to improve it. Again I came away with a long list of jobs to do!

The other news was that I was selected to make the trophy for the Royal Overseas League music award. It’s to be presented to the winner, Sarah-Jane Brandon a Royal College of Music soprano from New Zealand, at a concert in London's Queen Elizabeth Hall in May. The organisers liked the look of the Wedgwoodn’t Tureen, so I used some of the design data as a starting point. Instead of the piece looking like bone, I made an image of random musical notes. The data was given to Alastair in RapidformRCA, who will put it together over the weekend. I’m relying on Gilles in France to be able to make the piece in time. Having completed the Wedgwoodn’t by the skin of his teeth I’m a little worried that this job will keep me on tenterhooks. It’s bad timing to have this job to do at the same as the thesis but it’s all part of re-positioning myself. It will be useful on the CV and I may make a few contacts.