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02.05.08 – Handing in the thesis!

Friday was the day I handed in my thesis (or written report); three cone bound copies placed on Martin’s desk ready to go down to the Research office.

So far there’s no great overwhelming sense of relief as I’ve still a lot of practical work to complete in time for the examination. The writing is just part of the project, a fundamental part that has stretched me in many ways, but which could not have been completed without the practical work.
In addition, I need to plan ahead for my post-MPhil life. Will it be at the RCA? I certainly hope so, whatever happens I need to be involved with the French company and their revolutionary ceramic materials.
Other activities this week included booking the Eurostar to Paris so that I can collect the ROSL Trophy. I managed to get a little throwing done and make up some glaze tests, which are firing as I write this.
On Thursday evening I went to a bio-nanotechnology evening organised by Design London, held at Imperial College. There was nothing of direct use, probably more of value for the Design Interaction students, but an interesting insight into the future. One of the short talks was by a chap who works for the National Physical Laboratory, a government agency that measures stuff. Sounds boring, doesn’t it. Well this chap spends his time in Second Life, encouraging bright people to get together to discuss ideas around technology. I had no idea that Second Life was being used in this way, but as he explained, it’s all created by the members, so why not?
It was a productive, but tiring week, waking very early on a couple of mornings with my head churning through the various parts of the project.

Back at home this weekend, the spring had finally arrived and I could get out and enjoy it. I mowed the grass, did some gardening and got out for a bike ride. Vicky and I walked Blue through the fields and up through the woods with the purple haze of bluebells and leaves unfurling almost by the minute. A wonderful time of the year and I'm very lucky to live in a place where it can truly be appreciated.