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11.07.08 – My last week at College…

…for the time being.

I spent the week:

• Finishing off the slumped glass insert for a cylinder piece.
• Sorting out my desk, going through all my amassed written stuff, rationalising all the catalogues, essays etc. that I had collected over the 2 years.
• Meeting up with Nadia and Jeremy from InnovationRCA to discuss other sources of funding as I had narrowly missed the Materials Innovation Fellowship. There’s an AHRC Knowledge Catalyst scheme that seems to be perfect for our project. It is going to take some organising as The College and the ‘Enterprise Partner’, i.e. the French company have to complete the application form. I will be the ‘Employee’ so don’t play an official part in the process.
• Packing all my work, tools, materials etc. and finding a van hire company who charge less than £200 for a one-way journey to Kendal!
• And saying good-bye to fellow students. I’m sure I’ll see many of them again and really hope our paths will cross, as they have been a great bunch of talented people.
• Giving a bit of help to Ray and Jeannette by moving pots & furniture around the house in preparation for the replacement of some floorboards and all the carpets.
• Driving the van north for over 6 hours. It felt a bit strange to have to find places for all my London bits and pieces, especially as I don’t know if I’ll be needing to take it back down there in October.

The weekend was spent sorting it all out, then mowing the lawn, picking raspberries up in the woods and generally easing myself into Parkside life again.