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At the beginning of the month I started my new position as a Research Fellow at MIRIAD, part of the School of Art at Manchester Metropolitan University. It's a part-time position, which allows me the time to continue my personal practice, though the dividing line is somewhat blurred as the focus of the research is on Digital Forming. 

The project investigates Digital Forming, including 3D Printing.

There are 3 associated areas of investigation:
·      The relationship of traditional and digital craft skills.
o   How do the skills and tacit knowledge developed as a maker of ceramics transfer to new digital tools and technology?
·      The bringing together of actual and virtual experiences of an object.
o   An exploration of ways to ‘liberate’ the 3 dimensional object by enabling a simultaneous virtual experience.
·      The development and refinement of ceramic materials for use in 3D printing.
o   The successful outcome would enable pre-industrial knowledge and skills to be brought together with post-industrial manufacturing, creating a new object typology.

Through this project I aim to continue producing a body of work that uses the research to explore the cultural value of objects and how we engage with the physical in a world where experience is increasingly engaged with through digital media.

Here's a taste of a new piece that hopefully demonstrates some of the above.

Prtlnd Vase - Michael Eden
Prtlnd Vase 2012 - Michael Eden.
Image Courtesy of Adrian Sassoon