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Instagram, Tattoos and the Tall Bloom...


As you may be aware, I recently joined the Instagram world, having succumbed to the persuasion of Andrew Wicks at Adrian Sassoon. And I'm enjoying using it as a bit of an aide memoire, uploading images of things spotted in passing or recording events that I've attended. 

It amazes me how quickly people out there in the Interweb respond to my images, sometimes the 'Likes' come in almost instantaneously; have these folk nothing better to do?

Anyway, last week I received quite a shock on seeing an image of my Tall Bloom tattooed on someone's thigh! I was flattered, but the thought of someone walking round with that image on their leg for the next 30, 40, 50 years is a bit overwhelming.

So I tracked the author down on Instagram and found Paul Stillen, a tattoo artist, based at Hidden Moon Tattoo in Melbourne, Australia. 

I dropped him a line to find out more and received a very nice reply, in which Paul has promised to send me some high resolution images when the tattoo is complete. I can't wait.

I'm now wondering what I would choose to have tattooed about my person if I was brave enough. Probably something to symbolise my love of cycling, or is that a bit boring? How about Picasso's Guernica, or perhaps it's already been done; maybe the Flaubert quotation I used recently: 'In order for a thing to become interesting, one has only to look at it for a long time'. That's a possibility...