The Hand and the Glove... ramblings about making.


A busy week, spent moving between different projects.
After discussion with Martin Smith I have decided to enter the RSA design directions international competition, in the Ceramic Futures section.
I would like to utilise what I learnt in Paris last week so set about designing a piece to be rapid prototyped. The piece will have a traditional appearance at first glance but on closer inspection it should be clear that it could not have been made by traditional techniques.
Next week is likely to be as busy, there’s the Work in Progress show starting on Thursday, which needs everyone’s help, a meeting with the French company upstairs in Rapidform on Wednesday and I had hoped to get another piece finished for the show!

This weekend I am giving a demonstration at York City Art Gallery. I’m taking part in one of their showcase features, where Paul Young and I have selected historical work from the collection to show alongside our work.