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It was another busy week of juggling my main project and the RSA Ceramic Futures entry.

In addition the Ceramics and Glass department is holding the Work in Progress show. Tensions mounted at one point, but the show looks great, the bonus this year being the inclusion of the First Years. They have completed one 7-week project and the results are very accomplished.
I was disappointed with the last couple of kiln firings; the black glaze is too thin, uneven or blistered. At home things haven’t been any better as most of the work has cracked!

The RSA entry has taken quite a few hours work, partly refining the design to help Alastair in RapidformRCA to be able to apply the texture. I had been thinking about how to submit the design work to the RSA, the guidelines suggest sketchbook, mounting work on A3 board etc. but that doesn’t appeal. The project is all about the application of new technology and innovative materials, so I wanted to reflect this approach in the supporting material. I have decided to present it as a blog-
that I can print off sections from as necessary. It can also be put onto CD that I hope will be interactive.

My torus mould has been sat gathering dust since it was made. I was away in France, and then my contact at Ideal Standard has been on holiday. In addition I had some trouble finding plastic containers for the fireclay slip. They should now have been delivered so I plan to go to the factory next Monday.

I have also managed to continue writing my essay on perception, just over 2000 words so far and not finished. I must canvas the opinions of some of my fellow researchers.

I have missed a few potentially interesting lectures at College and there are one or two exhibitions that I must see. However well organised I try to be, there never seem to be enough hours in the week.