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08.06.08 – the end of the Show

The last few weeks preparation for the show and my final exam have meant that I haven’t been home at the weekends, hence the absence of blog entries written on the Friday evening train.
It has been a really hectic time, glazing, firing, re-firing, wiring the lighting into some of the pieces etc. After all the effort the show was set up in time and looked surprisingly good. The press visit went well with interest from a number of magazines and independent journalists. The private view was incredibly busy, the Wedgwoodn’t Tureen sold within 45 minutes of the door opening and there has been almost as much interest in the Event Horizon torus piece. In fact, the reaction of people could be included in the evaluation part of the thesis as it creates exactly the ambiguity that I hoped it would. Viewers are unsure of the material used as well as the form. Even Prince Philip was intrigued by my work!
Having my mock exam part way through the show meant that when it happened I didn’t feel totally prepared. I was ‘examined’ by Martin Smith, Alison Britton and Liz Aylieff and it was pretty rigorous. I was at a loss to answer one or two of the questions, so need to prepare answers in case they come up at the real thing on Thursday.
I’ve been chosen to show the Wedgwoodn’t and the Event Horizon piece at New Designers at the beginning of next month. I have never been to the show but am told that it is very useful for making contacts. We’ll see...
On Thursday, after the exam, I had a meeting with Frances and Matt from Wedgwood. It looks like the project to design pieces for the 250th Anniversary is going ahead. There are still some technical issues, but hopefully they will be overcome. First of all, I need to choose the archive pieces that I plan to re-design. My first thoughts are to create a design themed on Charles Darwin’s ‘The Origin of Species’ and current debate about genetics.