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13.06.08 – The Exam

RCA SHOW ONE finished on Sunday evening and everything was packed away, so when Monday came I was free to concentrate on preparing for my exam on Thursday.
I had been advised to re-write my presentation, concentrating on the outcome of the project and future plans, with less emphasis on the background to it.
I discussed the mock exam with Alison on Monday, Liz on Tuesday and Martin on Wednesday, so had pretty consistent opinions of what I needed to say.
When Thursday came I was actually feeling relatively relaxed, certainly far more prepared than for last Thursdays mock exam. I had arranged both test and finished pieces in the Seminar Room and when the panel came in asked them if they would like to inspect the work. The panel was made up of Jeremy Ainsley, the Head of Vehicle Design, who chaired the meeting, Mike Hose, my External Examiner and Alison Britton. My supervisor, Martin Smith sat in as an observer, but couldn’t comment or ask questions. After my presentation, the questioning was good-natured, though I struggled a bit with some of the wording of Mike Hose’s questions. At least I remembered to ask him to elaborate.
After about 45 minutes of questions they seemed happy enough to retire to consider their verdict, leaving Martin and I to discuss the proceedings. They returned ten minutes later and Jeremy Ainsley announced that I had passed. Mike Hose asked if I would re-write the Introduction to my written report as he thought it needed to describe the project in a more engaging way for future readers.
After that I was invited up to the Senior Common Room for a lovely lunch, then almost straight back to it. I had a meeting at Imperial College with Nick Leon and Carolyn Runcie of Design London to discuss my plans for a research project at the RCA next year.
Back at the RCA the research cluster greeted me with a bottle of champagne!
Then Ray and Jeannette cracked one open when I got back to the house!