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20.06.08 – Still crazy…

I thought that things might have eased off a little after the show and my exam, but the absence of updates to my blog testifies to how busy things have been.
The aftermath of the show has involved responding to a flow of enquiries from magazines from various parts of the world, arranging for collection of work sold and continuing to put together a research project for next year. I have had to delay the Wedgwood work, as my trip to France meant that I couldn’t meet one of the people that I need to see in order to finalise things.
My examiners had asked for a small revision to the Introduction of the written report, so that went backwards and forwards between Martin, Alison and myself during the early part of the week. It was a pleasant feeling to hand in a final printed copy to the research office on Tuesday.
In the evening I had been invited to the Design London networking evening at Imperial College. Jeremy Myerson from InnovationRCA was there and told me about the Materials Innovation Fellowship sponsored by the London Design Festival. The deadline for applications is Wednesday next week, with interviews on the Friday. So short notice!
I also met the Waribashi group from Imperial who have developed a way of converting previously un-recyclable waste into a very useful material. I was interested to have a conversation with them about using the non-fired ceramic coating with their product. They are interested and willing for tests to take place.
On Wednesday morning it was up and off to Standsted for my flight to Limoges where I was visiting the company who produce the materials used in my Wedgwoodn’t project. At the College (ENSCI) I met Youssef, their new director of research who has been undertaking some very interesting experiments, but more of that at some later stage.
On Thursday we took a trip to Moulins-Yzeurre in the Auvergne to visit a Lycee with an amazing glass department. They become the official French National School of Glass in September and wish to form links with the RCA. They run technically based courses with strong links to industry but need to develop their design and innovation side of the teaching.
I managed to get a WiFi connection whilst in Limoges and download the Innovation Fellowship form, so spent some time thinking about that.
On Friday I actually got home for the first time in 4 or 5 weeks, it was a beautiful evening, the low light bringing out the folds in the land below our house. The garden had grown, (surprise, surprise) and was looking great.
My brother, sister-in-law and nephew were across from Austria for a few days and on Saturday I cooked lunch for them. Vicky unfortunately had to work, but we went round to my parents in the evening for a glass of wine with them. The weather over the weekend was terrible, cold, wet and very windy which didn’t help especially as I realised that I was absolutely knackered from all the activity of the past few weeks.